June 03, 2010

Some forthcoming titles from both Eerdmans and IVP Academic.

Eerdmans has put up their fall schedule (HT: Nijay Gupta). Among the many notable titles are a book by Miroslav Volf on the use of scripture and theology, a new Pillar commentary on 1 Corinthians, and two notable additions to the NICNT series, John (which I noted a month or two ago) by J. Ramsey Michaels and James by Scot McKnight. It's hard to say what will find its way onto my shelves, but both of the NICNT volumes have some interest, and Volf is one of those writers I hate to neglect. McKnight is the same, and James has been an area of growing interest for me. But sure to be some good books forthcoming.

IVP Academic also has some notable books on the way. First, worth mentioning is the second volume of Ben Witherington's massive NT theology, The Indelible Image, released recently. I've been loving the first volume, and look forward to digging into his synthesis in the second volume. They also have some forthcoming titles worth noting. Alister McGrath has a book coming out on discipleship and the mind, and the prolific N. T. Wright has a small book titled Small Faith Great God slated for November.