February 24, 2007

Seeking an Informed Faith—Moreland and McGrath

I have been reflecting for the past few weeks on Paul's prayer to the Philippian church in Philippians 1:9-11. If you've never taken a careful look at those few verses, I challenge you to give them a look. Paul calls Christians to have a love that is coupled with knowledge and depth of insight. And an important part of this is a renewing of the mind like he talks about in Romans 12:2. Toward that end, I offer up two lectures that I have particularly ejoyed over the past couple days. The first is a lecture by J. P. Moreland on just this topic, of the need for a renewing of the Christian mind. He particularly calls evangelicals to seek to add a commitment to the truthfulness of our faith to our ideas of discipleship and outreach. It is a great challenge, and one I hope more and more of the church heeds.


I also had a chance to listen to a lecture given by Alister McGrath that provides a great example of how Christians can seek to be thoughtful people who renew their minds. In this lecture, McGrath engages Richard Dawkins and the idea that science is opposed to religious faith, and specifically to Christian faith. McGrath is a spectacular Christian thinker (as well as a respected Microbiophysicist), both in terms of his logic and in terms of his perception. Enjoy.


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