March 07, 2007

What I'm Reading

These are books I've got a bookmark in at the moment, or book in which said bookmark is immanent.

Theology/Biblical Studies
Oden, Systematic Theology, vol. 3
I'm reading this book both for fun and as some background for my teaching. Oden does a great job of setting forth the ecumenical and orthodox doctrines of the Christian faith, and he gives a wealth of references to primary materials, especially from the first millenium of the church.

Dunn, The Theology of Paul the Apostle
Dunn is such a great evangelical scholar. He has a nack for thinking creatively and faithfully at the same time, and while I'm not sold wholesale on the New Perspective, I've got to give it its own voice. This book is quite a monument of scholarship.

J. P. Moreland, Love Your God with All Your Mind. A great book about the need for an informed faith and a reasoned engagement of Christianity with the world.

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