May 12, 2007

Home Schooling, Divorce Rates, and What kids fear most . . .

Here is a great collection of articles from the Minneapolis–St. Paul Star Tribune. Some of them are thought provoking, and a couple are must reads.

I've been rethining my own opinions on home schooling over the past months, and this article just deepens my own reflections. As a teacher in a private school, I see the values in a classroom education, and especially in one that is oriented around Christ. And with a wife who has spent six years in the public school system, I see the values there too. But home schooling is definitely becoming a more viable option (not that it hasn't been for years), and there are a growing number of curricula and helps to really make it a great experience. It's something at least worth considering. What a great way to disciple your kids.

I haven't been rethinking marriage (as my wife will be glad to hear, I hope). In fact, the longer I'm married, the more I believe in it. But I don't see the younger generation valuing it very much. And Katherine's article on the divorce rate gets behind some interesting figures to even more interesting causes. Are people living together in "training-wheel marriages" really a good thing? I'd say clearly not. And, as she points out, what about the kids!

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