January 21, 2013

A quote to reflect on; On my appalling silence

Reading a blog post this morning by William Mounce, who was writing for Zondervan's Koinonia blog in his son Bill's absence, I came across this quote, which concludes his brief discussion of whether theology or context should take pride of place in our interpretation:

 If there is any “trumping” to be done, let it be what God has said.
Obviously, it's more complicated than that, but there is still a key impulse there that I need to hear, a wise refleciton I need to imbibe and assimilate in all things.

I've been extremely silent of late as a blog author. Life has been, as always, busy (I'm sure none of you are busy, so that's obviously a good enough excuse). I've been taking Greek at Calvin Seminary this past semester, filling in a long-overdue lacuna in my education, and I've been loving it. But it certainly drains off some of my free time and excess intellectual energy. I have been able to read some great books, and I hope to put up a few reviews here in the coming days.

Last, a reflection on yet another reason I love my job (as a book editor here at Baker Publishing Group). Among so many reasons that I love what I do, I was reflecting on one of the little things that I love: routing periodicals. I'm inundated almost daily with a steady flow of recent periodicals, from Sojourners Magazine to Christianity Today to JETS to Journal for the Study of Paul and His letters, and so many more. There is no way to even begin to read all of the interesting articles, emerging research, or book reviews that I come across, but it is so much fun to have this steady stream of scholarship and comment always before me. I am lucky indeed.

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