April 18, 2008

N. T. Wright on the Anglican Communion

The Anglican Evangelical Web magazine Fulcrum has a lecture recently given by N. T. Wright about the position the Anglican communion currently finds itself in the months before the upcoming Lambeth Conference. I am not Anglican myself, and don't have a full enough understanding of the polity of that communion to comment on the deep and tragic split that has been developing over especially the church's understanding of homosexual activity and the ordination of Gene Robinson by the Episcopal Church in America. But I do commend to you N. T. Wright's lecture, which, in its second half, very helpfully uses 1 and 2 Corinthians as a way to illustrate how Paul himself dealt with difficult issues of unity, diversity, holiness, and love. I'm personally troubled by the direction the Episcopal Church has taken over the past decade in its open embrace of practicing homosexuals and in its open thwarting of the views of its own worldwide communion of Anglicans, not to mention the worldwide catholic church. And I continue to watch and hope and pray that biblical reflection can lead to a true, robust, biblical solution within the Anglican communion that can be a model for many other churches, such as the ELCA and the worldwide Lutheran World Feeration, can follow.

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