April 18, 2008

New Commentary series from Cascade Books

On his blog, Euangelion, the prolific Michael Bird notes one of his own forthcoming titles as follows:
"Colossians: A New Covenant Commentary. Oregon: Cascade, July 2009. This will be my summer project (along with writing a course on "Reformed interpretation of Romans from Calvin to Cranfield"). I'm longing to write a commentary on my favourite epistle of the New Testament and dive into Markus Barth's own commentary as well as recent commentaries by M.M. Thompson, Ben Witherington, and Doug Moo too. It is part of a new commentary series edited by myself and Craig Keener with a line-up of great scholars from around the world (I mean Asia, Africa, America, Australia). I'll blog more on that in the future."

K. C. Hanson, the Editor-in-Chief at Wipf & Stock, has done quite a job of building up the Cascade imprint, and I look forward to this new and promising series. I can't find any info on the W&S web site about it yet, but just the brief comments above peak my interest. I guess now patience will be a virtue.

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