October 05, 2007

A prayer for our twin boys

Well, it's been a big week. My wife, Cindy, delivered our twin boys on Sunday, a few months earlier than we had figured. They came at 27 weeks. Both boys, Lucas James and Paul Christian, are in the NICU, and are doing quite well. That is quite early for kids to come, but they are hanging tough. Lucas was 2 pounds 10 oz and Paul was 2 pounds 4 oz. So it's been a week full of prayer, as we pray for our new sons and leave them in God's hands. And as I bowed my head to pray the simple table prayer that I grew up praying every day, and that my dad grew up praying every day, and that came at some point back there from an equivalent Norwegian prayer, the depth and power of the words rang truer than it ever had before.

We thank you, Lord,
for this our food,
for grace and life and everything good.
In Jesus name,

I can't help but think, as I look at my new little boys: see what great things God can do.
You can check on our boys at CaringBridge.