December 20, 2016

Simonetta Carr, Martin Luther

Luther's story is a compelling one, and Simonetta Carr has done an admirable job of presenting it to older children. The illustrations are very strong in this book; Carr has a nice mix of photos of historical places, portraits of Luther and other key figures, and original drawings to illustrate key events. The text presents the core events in Luther's life and the key themes of the Reformation in clear language. Occasionally more complex ideas will come across without sufficient explanation, but generally she has done a good job of maintaining an engaging tone and level-appropriate explanations of events and ideas. My boys (6 and 9) generally enjoyed the story, and they have already asked to do it again. ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭒

Thanks to the author, the publisher, and Cross-Focused Reviews for the review copy of this book.